The electors present at the annual town meeting have the power to:

1. Make orders for the purchase and sale of property.

2. Take necessary measures to exercise their powers and give directions.

3. Provide for defense of actions in litigation.

4. Prevent growing of weeds.

5. Plan trees along highways.

6. Determine what a lawful fence is.

7. Prohibit animals from running at large.

8. Establish and maintain pounds where deemed necessary.

9. Determine number of poundmasters.

10. License and regulate the location of junkyards.

11. Impound animals.

12. Keep public wells in good repair.

13. Prevent deposit of garbage within city limits.

14. Make rules and regulations and impose fines.

15. Collect and deposit penalties to the credit of the town.

16. Transfer funds from one or more funds to other or different funds, or to the general road and bridge fund or any funds raised by taxation or bonds for road and bridges.

17. Set the time of annual town meetings.

18. Decorate and maintain graves of servicemen.

19. To spend monies for preparation of a detailed property record system.

20. Provide liability insurance.

21. Provide a certified public accountant or public accountant to audit account of all town funds.

22. Participate in municipal retirement fund.

23. Authorize zoning.

24. Authorize police protection in counties under 1,000,000 population.

25. Authorize police protection in counties of 1,000,000 or more population.

26. Authorize contracts with county sheriff to furnish police protection in unincorporated areas.

27. Employ or contract engineers for feasibility study of any contemplated project.

28. Authorize fire protection in unincorporated areas.

29. Provide mental health services.

30. Regulate hawkers, peddlers, pawnbrokers, itinerant merchants and transient vendors.

31. Regulate parking of recreational vehicles.

32. Adopt revised tax schedule for town purposes.

33. Increase tax rate for road purposes.

34. Tax for construction of bridges at joint expense of county and road district and obtain aid from county.

35. Levy an annual tax for equipment and building.

36. Request referendum to issue bonds for road purposes.

37. Petition for road or road improvements.

38. Request referendum to repeal special tax for road purposes.

39. Declare inoperable motor vehicles a nuisance.

40. Provide space in any township building for courtroom and office use by circuit court.

41. Authorize the township board of trustees to appoint a township enforcement officer.