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Currently working in the following subdivisions:

  • Willowbrook
  • Dixie Dells
  • Dixie Estates
  • Robert Bartlett
  • Steger Estates

Please be on the lookout for our staff as we update our records!

We are happy to announce that starting February we will have Senior Services of Will County will be here at the Township Hall every 3rd Thursday of the month!

A Community Resource Worker will be available to assist with any questions, concerns as well as help completing applications and forms.

This could include housing options, in home care services, assistance with applications for BEAM, Medicaid, li income subsidy, New to Medicare and Medicare Part D, and any information on any concern/need of an older person.

Our goal for information and assistance is to empower individuals to make informed choices and to streamline access to services.

The total household income for the Senior Freeze must be under $55,000

The income levels for BEAM are as follows:

  • $27,610 for a 1 person household
  • $36,635 for a 2 person household
  • $45,657 for a 3 person household