Term of Office, Four Years

Team players wanted to help the township perform at optimum levels. Inquiring mind a plus. Opportunities to help chart the organization’s fiscal course abound.

The township board of trustees is the legislative branch of township government. Each single township has four trustees and a supervisor, which comprise the board. Each board member, elected at-large within the township, has one vote on all issues before the township board.

The policies enacted by the township board are executed by the supervisor and the clerk. The trustees may not establish policy for either the township assessor or the highway commissioner.

Trustees do, however, certify tax levies for the township and road district. For the road district, the amount of the levy is determined by the highway commissioner.

In their capacity as legislative officers, trustees adopt the annual town budget and appropriation ordinance, the general assistance budget and the road district budget. Trustees also are responsible for approving all township expenses and auditing bills submitted for payment by the highway commissioner.

The trustees are obligated to approve all legally incurred bills, that is, those appropriated for expenditure. Trustees also must reject for payment all requests that are not debts which have been legally incurred by the township.

With few exceptions, the supervisor may make no payments without approval of the board of trustees. There are exceptions: payments for general assistance claims and township and highway department employees’ salaries.

The salaries of elected officials shall not be paid until the accounts have been audited and approved.