NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS


ROAD CLOSURE- Klemme Road between Exchange street and Danne road  is closed for the replacement of the bridge over Plum Creek. Detour will be Exchange Street to Stateline road to Danne Road. Anticipated completion date is December 2017.



 Last day for branch pick up will be Monday October 30th, 2017. No branches will be picked up after this date until the following spring.

Due to changing work loads starting in spring of 2018 branches will only be picked up on the first Monday of the month. You must call 672-7732 before the first Monday and leave us your address to receive this service.


  • This service is for the sole use of residents in the unincorporated areas, not to be used by contractors/and or residents cleaning lots for new construction, more open space, or complete landscape removal. If a landscaper or tree company is doing the cutting, it is their responsibility to discard any branches.
  • Place cut ends towards the roadway in several small piles rather than one large one.
  • 6″ diameter maximum.
  • Brush bundles must be free of root balls, stumps, dirt, stone, metal and construction material.
  • This service is for pruning and general maintenance. COMPLETE TREES WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.
  • We allow a maximum of 10 minutes at each location.
  • Branches only. No leaves or yard waste.
  • Burning of branches that are generated on your property is permitted in the unincorporated areas of the Township. To eliminate the possibility of false alarms, please call your Fire District to notify them of your burn date. Crete Township Fire Protection District 708-672-7111 or Steger Estates Fire Protection District 708-748-4816



The best way to plow your driveway is to push the snow to the right side when facing the street.This will minimize the chance of our snowplow trucks pushing the snow you just plowed back into your driveway. When snow is piled on the left side where your driveway meets the street, some of the snow that is on that  side will probably end up back in your driveway when our plows come by.  Please keep in mind that no matter what process you follow, there will still be some snow that ends up in your driveway.


  • Mailbox maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner and now would be a good time to check the condition of your mailbox and post. The snow leaving the plow blade can be very heavy and a rotted post or loose mailbox might not withstand the impact. CRETE TOWNSHIP WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR REPLACING ANY BOX OR POST THAT WAS IN NEED OF REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT. Also, if you need to replace your mailbox we request that you install a metal “rural type” box with a wood post rather than the “plastic” types which are not very durable and are  prone to cracking in cold weather.

The Road District will be trimming and removing trees within the road right-of-way throughout the township in the coming months, weather permitting. If you have any questions, please call our office at 672-7732.


  • The Crete Township Road District maintains over 81 miles of roads in the unincorporated areas of the Township which is currently the largest Township Road System in Will County.
  • The Road District recycled 148 tires that were dumped along our roadways in the past 12 months ending  April 27th, 2016.This amount represents a 26% increase in the amount of tires needing recycling compared to the previous 12 months.

Trash that is thrown along are roadways is a big problem. It costs taxpayers thousands of dollars per year in labor, fuel, and dumping costs to keep our ditches clean.You can help. Please discard your trash in an approved container. A good time to do this is when you are buying gas or at any other place that has a trash receptacle. If everyone works together we can reduce these costs and keep our Township looking beautiful.Thank you!


Residents in the unincorporated areas are permitted to burn leaves and branches that are generated on their own property. To eliminate the possibility of false alarms, please contact the Crete Township Fire Protection District at 708-672-7111 or the Steger Estates Fire Protection District at 708-748-4816 to notify them of your burn date.