Highway & Entrance Permits

If you are planning to build a new home in the unincorporated area of the Township, an entrance/culvert permit is required. Please contact the Township Office at 708-672-8279 to receive an application.

Wood Chips

Available for pick-up. Delivery when available. Please call 708-672-7732 to schedule a time.

Branch Pick-Up
Monday is branch pick up day,weather permitting, on an as needed basis.If a Holiday falls on Monday, pick up will be on Tuesday. Start date is in the spring and ends in the fall. BRANCHES WILL NOT BE PICKED UP DURING THE WINTER MONTHS AFTER FALL CUT OFF DATE. Please check our news and announcement page for start and end dates. If you need this service, please call 672-7732 and leave us your address and we will come on the following Monday to pick them up.

  • This service is for the sole use of residents in the unincorporated areas, not to be used by contractors/and or residents cleaning lots for new construction, more open space, or complete landscape removal. If a landscaper or tree company is doing the cutting, it is their responsibility to discard any branches.
  • Place cut ends towards the roadway in several small piles rather than one large one.
  • 6″ diameter maximum.
  • Brush bundles must be free of root balls, stumps, dirt, stone, metal and construction material.
  • This service is for pruning and general maintenance. COMPLETE TREES WILL NOT BE PICKED UP.
  • We allow a maximum of 10 minutes at each location.
  • Branches only. No leaves or yard waste.
  • Burning of branches that are generated on your property is permitted in the unincorporated areas of the Township. To eliminate the possibility of false alarms, please call your Fire District to notify them of your burn date. Crete Township Fire Protection District 708-672-7111 or Steger Estates Fire Protection District 708-748-4816


2″ Snowfall Ordinance
There is no parking on the Township streets after a 2″ snowfall until the streets have been plowed.