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Author: Township Administrator

Ron Koelling, former Crete Township Assessor 1934-2021

Ronald A. Koelling


Ron Koelling, who served as Crete Township Assessor from 1985 to 2005, passed away on June 5th in Weatherford Texas, where he and his wife Charlotte had been recently residing to beclose to their family.

Ron attended Trinity Lutheran School in Crete and Crete High School where he graduated in 1952.  He served as a Specialist 3rd Class in the US Army from 1954-1956.  Ron worked his family farm as a dairy farmer and subsequently operated a home remodeling and repair business.

Ron was instrumental in automating the Township Assessor’s Office by installing the first computers and fax machines and by implementing software which vastly improved the time and efficiency of the office.

Ron served for many years as a Board Member of Township Officials of Illinois and the Illinois Assessors Association.

Ron’s memory was honored during the Crete Township Board of Trustees Meeting on June 9, 2021.  Supervisor Liccar commented that “Ron certainly brough a lot to the community and we want the record to show our condolences to Charlotte and the rest of the family.  And on behalf of the people of Crete Township, our appreciation of his many years of service that Ron gave to this Township.”