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Firearms Safety

The Village of Crete has ordinances on the use of firearms and governs their use within the Village limits. For residents who live in Unincorporated Crete Township, the use of firearms is governed by Chapter 95 of the Will County Code of Ordinances.

With respect to the use of firearms in Unincorporated Crete Township, even on one’s own property, the Ordinance clearly states:

“§ 95.04 “No person shall fire or discharge any gun, pistol or other firearm within any residential area or railroad corridor in the unincorporated county.”

Under the County Ordinance, a “Residential Area” is defined as:

“RESIDENTIAL AREA. Any area that is within 300 yards of at least three single or multi-family residential structures.”

A “Railroad Corridor” is defined as “Any area within 100 yards on either side of a railroad track
or within the fenced railroad right-of-way, whichever is greater, and the railroad track is being used for rail transportation and not abandoned.”

The discharge of firearms in a Residential Area or Railroad Corridor is prohibited, even if one is firing a gun on their own personal property, this includes target shooting and hunting.

The only exception in the Ordinance is for self-defense of oneself or one’s property or to the extent allowed for lawful arrest by authorized law enforcement persons:

The discharge of a firearm for the lawful defense of persons or property or in the course of making a lawful arrest when force is justified under Article 7 of the Criminal Code of 1961, shall be exempt from this chapter as well as those exemptions provided by state statute.”

Crete Township is planning on hosting a workshop on this issue to address, tentatively set for Tuesday, October 22nd at 7pm (subject to change) at the Township Hall, on how can might better address and educate about the use and restrictions of firearms in unincorporated Crete Township and what to do if a violation occurs. As always, if an emergency situation occurs, please immediately dial 911.